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How My Story Has Shaped My Journey...
This can't really be my life!

Have you ever uttered those words? I have.
In the moments when a nightmare became my reality, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that this really was my life!
My dreams didn't come true. My reality wasn't what I hoped, dreamed, or imagined. In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined the horror story I was living in. It was the most difficult thing I have ever walked through.
Can you relate? Have you been there? Do you have a story?
Through my story and the stories God wrote in His love letter to me {The Bible}, I have learned that God has a way of using the difficult parts of my life as an opportunity for Him to reveal His dreams for my life that are bigger, wider and more amazing than I could have dreamed up on my own. 

My story lead me down a path I could not imagine. It was rocky and messy, but now that path is a path I love.  Why? Because I get to invest in women like you. Women whose stories didn't end up with happily ever after.  Women who have encountered a few unexpected chapters in life, and women who desire to navigate these unexpected chapters with grace and truth.  I would not have the compassion or the tools to navigate these difficult parts of life if I hadn't had walked this path.    

Each week I equip women with practical tools to navigate life well through my blog!  To receive these tools directly to your inbox, click below!  And every Tuesday I'll send you a new tool for your tool box of life!

I also have an online Bible study where I walk you step-by-step through your own chapter.  In this study, you will learn how to embrace your God-written story.  I will share with you the tools I used to embrace my own story. And I will share with you stories from God's Word of men and women like you who had a tough journey in life. Click below to join my community and learn more about the Online Study.   
What women in my community are saying...
"I recently went through a 30 day bible study from Speaking In Faith. What an amazing experience! The study “Loving? My Life Study!” really focused on women and allowing them to focus on their story and how to embrace their story and learn from it. My story does not define me. I learned that through taking moments out of my morning, that through the design of the study, it helped me to learn about where I am in my story and ways to work through that and not allow it to hinder me or define me. Faith designed the study to be interactive through social media of which I was blessed. She shared her story through the weeks. Each evening I received an email for the next day’s scripture readings and study material. She encouraged us all throughout the study and that was such a great thing to have. We had our own Facebook page where we could interact with other women on the same journey. She included videos and scripture memorization cards. It was designed to help each women learn at their own pace but too with their budget in mind. I would highly recommend any women taking a journey with Faith as their guide because she is an inspiration and great woman of Faith to guide you as you grow in faith with God! "
-Tabith, Loving? My Life Study Participant
"I am a rather new Christian and I had the pleasure of meeting Faith during my first group Bible study. Her love for Jesus was evident from day 1 and her passion to spread Gods word is contagious. I will never forget what I learned during our time together and she helped me grow so much in my Faith. I am truly grateful for her!"
-Kristin, Bible Study Attendee All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions
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