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Are you like me? Have you ever struggled with comparing yourself to others?  Or maybe you have walked through an unexpected chapter in your life?  Do you have a desire to fully embrace the story God has for you?

I can answer "yes" to all of these questions, and I'm guessing you can answer "yes" to one or two.   

A few years ago when my life's story took an unexpected turn, I struggled with accepting my new normal and not comparing my story with others.  As I wandered in what seemed an eternal wilderness, God began to help me see that He had a plan for my life...that my story was not an accident.  After I jumped off the comparison roller coaster and began to search for His purpose in my new normal, {HE} taught me how to love the story He wrote for me.  Also, when I finally hopped off the roller coaster of my current chapter, God opened the door for me to walk into the new chapter He had waiting for me!  

Are you ready to embrace the story God wrote for you?  Do you want to find freedom from comparing yourself to others?  Are you longing to wake up in a new chapter of life?  

I would be honored if I could be your cheerleader as you fall in love with your story.  

This summer, I will be walking an amazing group of women through my Loving? My Life study.  In this study I give you all the Scriptures God used to change my heart.  I will support you as you face the tough lies that you have believed about yourself and begin to replace those lies with the TRUTH of God's Word.  And I will give you practical ways to make healthy choices as you navigate an unexpected chapter and begin to explore your new normal.  This study is completely online so you can join us from anywhere!

AND this summer...for my amazing Online Bible Study women, I will also be meeting up with you virtually each week for an online teaching video! {See the rest of the Summer Bonus Package below!!!}

So will you join me?  Will you begin to be proactive in your life?  Will you join the community of women who want to encourage each other through their unexpected journeys?  I hope so!  

 What does the Loving? My Life study include? 
  •  Daily Lessons: Each week you will receive five lessons emailed directly to your inbox.  These lessons will have a teaching section, Scripture, and a reflection section.
  • Scripture Memory Cards: Each week you will also receive a printable PDF with key verses for the week so that you can be reminded of God's truth throughout the week.  You can also pick on of these verses to memorize each week. 
Summer Bonus Package!
I am super excited about this year's summer bonus package!  All of this goodness included with the study!!
  • Online Community: You will have exclusive access to our members only online community, where there are daily posts, opportunities to connect with other women in the study, and go deeper in the study.
  • Weekly Teaching Videos: Each Monday in our online community you will have access to me through a LIVE teaching video!  {This video will be available after the session for replay if you can't make it to the live teaching session...we really are making this as easy as we can for you to stay connected to God's Word this summer!}

Other details about the study:
It's not too late to join!

We began June 12, but everything is posted in our group, so you can join anytime!

Go ahead and register now, and your first lesson will be emailed to you right away!
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